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Great Golf Holidays Special Offers

Why so Special?

Here at Great Golf we have something very unique, and that is the ability to offer Hotel & Resort rooms at a price that no one else can match.

How can Great Golf Holidays do this?

All over the world, Hotels & Resorts want to be seen in our publication “Great Golf Magazine”. For select locations, rather than charging money to have an advertisement in the magazine, we take room nights. These are guaranteed rooms, always with a minimum of B&B and often including golf.

Who owns these room nights?

These rooms nights are owned by Great Golf Holidays, we are simply selling a package just as a travel agent would sell bookings that they have assigned from any resort or hotel, the difference is that we sell on at a vastly reduced price.

Why does Great Golf sell at such a low price?

We work on a fast turnover and so look to sell these offer as quickly as possible, what better way than to offer them for the lowest price possible.

How do I purchase one of these offers?

Simply fill in the enquiry form registering your desire to purchase. We will then inform the Hotel/Resort that you are purchasing the room nights. They will then issue you with a voucher for the nights. Only then will you be required to pay for the booking. Once you have paid, you are free to use the vouchers for the dates that you have selected.


Special offer Revues


The Andaman Malaysia £500 for 7 nights for 2 people. 

Feb 2017

The hotel is sympathetically set on the edge of the jungle that meets the sea having a beautiful stretch of private beach shared with one other astounding hotel. We walked regularly along the stretch of beach, which was very clean and had lovely fine sand, soaking up the beauty.

Due to it’s setting the wildlife around the hotel is amazing, where monkeys and monitor lizards share the hotel grounds and are almost unaffected by the intrusion of man to their habitat. They are truly wild and at the same time present no danger whilst providing an added interest to those who enjoy nature. We were also lucky enough to see the flying Lima’s one evening whilst enjoying dinner on the restaurant terrace and the tiny bats roosting in upturned palm tree leaves. 

The pool was really nice and quite easy to get a sun bed almost any time of day. There were also lots of sunbeds on the beach so everyone staying at the hotel could laze in comfort. 

The room was really nice, although described as a jungle view we could also see the sea (but would admit spent little time looking from the room). 

The restaurants were very good, we had Teppanyaki at the Japanese restaurant a couple of times which was quite quiet. We also ate at the main restaurant which offered a good choice of cuisine’s ensuring many visits provided sufficient variety. There was also a good pool bar with snacks and a beach bar to enjoy sundowners during happy hour, All very nice indeed.

The staff were extremely nice and helpful, so all in all the stay was absolutely fantastic. For anyone looking for a relaxing chill, with or without golf, then the Andaman would be hard to beat. We would certainly return.



Pete & Gill