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Some simple questions.

  • Do you want to book direct with the Golf Resort
  • Do you want a choice of Tour Operator PackagesIs price Important
  • Is quality a big factor
  • Have you decided where you want to go or do you want to be inspired


Book Direct with the Golf Resort - All our Resorts either have golf courses or have deals with locations nearby and so can arrange any tee time that you require. You are able to deal direct with the resort rather than having to communicate through a Tour operator.


Book with one of our Tour Operators - You have the option to look though the packages from multiple Operators and find the location and price that suits you.


Our Knowledge

Being part of the Great Golf Media Group, we work closely with our journalists who write for Great Golf Magazine . You can be sure that one of our journalists has been to your holiday choice and written about it, and where possible, we will add a link to the articles so that you can read about it before you book. Not just the golf, but accommodation, food, spa and other activities.


No more hunting around countless websites

Our mission is to make your life easier, how do we do that? Easy, by giving you as many options as possible on one site. Multiple choices at your fingertips, view, select and book your Great Golf Holiday. 

How does it work?

Golf Resorts, Hotels and Tour Operators work with us to provide their services to you, we do not take payment from you for our services, you book direct with the Hotel/Resort/Operator and they pay us a commission for each booking. We guarantee to equal or beat the price the you would normally get.


Special Offers

Having a magazine is a wonderful thing! Many hotels and resorts are keen to advertisie within our pages. Sometimes we will take room nights at a particular location as payment for an advert page within Great Golf Magazine. These room nights are then owned by Great Golf Media and we can sell them on at any price we like, obviously the lowest we possibly can so that our clients get the most amazing deal possible.
If you want the best deal possible, jeep an eye on our Special Offers.


And the Conclusion...

More choice, more control, better price, need we say more?

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